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20 Great Political Geography Undergraduate Dissertation Ideas

Political geography is a dynamic subject; and mechanically fuses the strains of Politics and Geography. It is so wide-ranged that you can trace immigrants, racism and governance all in its core. Writing dissertation on Political Geography is an acute mission for undergraduates.

The different eras

Different eras have seen the creation of cities and states on political and Geographical grounds. The formation for European Union is a wonderful example of the precept that necessity is the mother of invention. Your dissertation has to be intrusive.

Vagaries of dissertation

You may bring treaties, people and boundaries into the fold; thus fusing the concrete and vague; shaped and amorphous all into dissertation. Political Geography is actually a personification and human element of territories.

Selection of topics

Your dissertation needs to stay with the core significance of Political Geography and not get into overlapping subjects. Choosing a perfect topic becomes extremely important. Meanwhile, here are 20 succinct ides for undergraduate dissertations on Political Geography –

  1. How Pressure Groups propelled the construction of Heathrow Airport?
  2. The logic behind the demand of Gorkhaland; a probable division of West Bengal, India
  3. Suggest how political ramifications led to formation of quite a few US states
  4. Creating water-front properties and resultant growth of structure by rivers
  5. How Ireland carves out a unique identification to differentiate from England
  6. How vagueness of boundaries between African states led to colonial enterprises there
  7. The intricate relation between Government and the governed and how each holds the others’ cards
  8. How racial sentiments lead to creation of sectarian countries like Honduras
  9. How China keeps defeating the global expansion plan through unusual trade plans
  10. How territorial boundaries actually inhibit the potential growth of countries had they remained undivided
  11. How certain countries still wears the cloak of colonialism in its lifestyle and traditions
  12. How Different territories in a country have different expectations from the Government
  13. Creating a spatial and bourgeoning urban setting on the mountains
  14. How Russia could have developed exponentially had its northern section not been perpetually ice-laden?
  15. How the Third World mindset acts as a crab mentality nipping development in the bud
  16. How many nascent countries can still gain advantage from colonial determinations
  17. How Social Media shrinks the world and yet demarcates people according to their nationalities
  18. How some states are born out of free-will while some are forced into being
  19. How religious factions lead to regional groupings of states; Middle East being a case in point
  20. How UN’s attempt at groupings (G7, G30) is an admission of sectarian bias and compensation

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