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Writing a Dissertation Proposal to Be Sure of the Highest Grade

Writing a dissertation proposal is a very important task as it will have a huge impact on your future. The type of the proposal you will need to write will depend on your university. Be sure to consult your supervisor about the format of the paper and any requirements that must be met.

Here are some tips from WriteMyEssay.Today that should help you write a proposal that will be accepted:

  • 1. First of all, you need to understand that a proposal is not an independent paper. Thus, you shouldn’t try to make it one. Consider it to be an elaborate advertisement of the work that you potentially can create. Your goal is to write a proposal that will be interesting and intriguing.
  • 2. Your English must be impeccable if you want to get the highest grade. Any grammar or spelling mistakes will cast a shadow on the work as a whole. There are many textbooks that can help improve your academic writing skills. Be sure to use them, especially if English isn’t your native language.
  • 3. Don’t mix up a dissertation proposal and an essay. Even despite the fact that proposals for humanities look a lot like essays, they differ in a very important aspect.
  • The goal of an essay is to prove the thesis. A dissertation proposal should only introduce it and show some arguments that will give the readers a demonstration of how the thesis can be proven.

  • 4. Don’t start writing your dissertation when working on proposal. This paper must be only an outline of what the work can be. Consider it to be a map of sorts, while the real thing is the area depicted on the map.
  • This approach will help you finish the proposal much faster, as you won’t be wasting your time on in-depth research.

  • 5. Use several well-chosen examples of evidence for your arguments. Don’t go into any unnecessary details and don’t put in too many examples. Allow people to glimpse the actual dissertation. Do your best to make sure that they want to learn more.
  • 6. A proposal must be integral. This means that there must be an order and a purpose to all the examples. This paper must clearly explain how and why the arguments used in the actual dissertation will make sense.
    Include a detailed description of your methodology in the proposal.
  • 7. Outline the field your dissertation will fit in and explain what kind of impact it will make.
  • 8. Always include a full bibliography in the proposal. The dissertation committee will take this as a proof of the work you’ve invested in the research and may even offer some helpful suggestions.

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